Investor Info


To Investors

Our Initial Coin Offering (ICO) process is an important and transformation step for the development and expansion of all CodoLabs projects. Therefore, we invite you to know and partner with our company through your participation in our ICO release. Your help through this participation will build a path towards creating value for society, using Blockchain technology applications in favor of the expansion of Crypto Economy.


Tokenizing the Fantasy Sports Industry

We are creating a world-wide marketplace on the Ethereum Blockchain that unlocks new possibilities and symbiotic relationships among players. We are building upon well-established business models of fantasy sports games, the Fantasy Sports project transforms the current fantasy sports platform into a new-generation community-based ecosystem where one can compete and play in online fantasy sports contests across the largest variety of professional sports using playertokens. 

Hybrid Platform

Our Fantasy Sports project is the first sophisticated hybrid platform of its kind. It features two architectural paradigms that take advantage of Cloud client server architecture and Blockchain decentralized client server architecture. This Semi-Decentralized platform, uses both centralized payment methods fiat money and decentralized digital crypto currency, developed on Ethereum Smart Contracts. This hybrid technology gains prominence over fiat money capability, thereby promoting transparency, speed and cost savings for our organization. Our laboratory research has demonstrated blockchain technology to be an incredible power of systems that are voluntary, decentralized, and trustworthy. We believe there is an unexploited opportunity to harness these forces to revolutionize. That is why we decide to show our investors first hand how our hybrid technology works through your participation in our ICO campaign. The tokens you receive will be similar tokens to the ones our players will be using on our site. You will see a first hand look at this new ecosystem at work. If you stick with us the entire way we believe you will find that our hybrid currency platform enables for a larger audience, better user adoption and protection from government agencies than any other daily fantasy sports company.



Investor Involvement

CodoLabs LLC focuses on contributing to the development of business solutions based on Blockchain technology and Smart Contracts. To achieve this objective, the company has began promoting an ICO on Aug 11, 2017 through the commercialization of its Token named FansDraft Equity Token, represented by the acronym FET. FansDraft Equity Token is not to be confused with player tokens. FansDraft Equity Token is a receipt of equity that the investor will receive on purchase. While player tokens is a separate token only to be used to compete in our online fantasy sport games.