Do you ever wonder what the future holds? At CodoLabs, LLC our entire professional lives are focused on this question. We are a multidisciplinary team of thinkers, engineers, scientists and designers. It’s a distinctive combination of different skills and perspectives, capable of addressing the most technical challenges in emerging markets. CodoLabs is a freelancing software company who formed an LLC for our business in the state of Delaware. We perform the majority of our work online, and have clients all over the country. At our roots we are a product design, technology consultancy and R&D lab, creating the next generation of products that make a difference to people’s lives. The current projects we are working on are Web Development, Android Development, System Architecture, Cloud Technology, and Cryptocurrency Blockchain Technology. We build products that assist other non-profits, startups and established enterprises. However, our focus is building tools and platforms that progress and innovate the capability on the internet. We are building and expanding an unexploited opportunity on Blockchain Technology to harness these forces that revolutionize the internet. CodoLabs is a next generation software innovation company that is creating value for society, using Blockchain Technology. Put us on your watch list we have some exciting stuff coming out soon.